You guys are sweet :'*

i wish there was a network on tumblr that fit me perfectly

something is wrong with my kitty and i am so sad.. :'(((

Marilyn Manson:

ok in order: Mooch, Mikey, Princess (this horse is unrideable you will learn to fly), Reka (shes the newest, shes blind), Shania (she was kept on a pee line and always pregnant. her hormones were harvested for the drug Premarin which women take for menopause. the foals these peeline horses have are killed if theyre male and put on peelines if theyrefemale. she came pregnant and someone else bought her very young foal at the auction) JT (shanias son she was pregnant with), the minis-Honkey the donkey, midnight, and butterscotch (honkey is special needs, his hoof grows backwards after an accident he had as a baby), and finally Zuwarah (the only one thats technically mine, we got her off the racetrack because her owner decided to find a home instead of sending her to slaughter, she has Secretariat and Northen Dancer blood lines)

omg i love them

live loft and prosper

I love horses more than anything. One time i was accepted into a program where I would take care of a horse for the summer and we would bond and be best friends but on the first day I got scared I wouldn’t be good enough and that I would fuck up and kill him like I killed the crabs in my 3rd grade class...


i ought to get off this site

gnight people

i probably wont be on much tomorrow

so maybe i'll get to know more of you friday? 

get to know me

that was mean the qqqq i just wanna be your life long friend :*

if you love me message me or ill die

if chinese people invaded tumblr we would attack them and make fun of them. Why are these people so warm and welcoming? :')

im following 149 people, i thought we all loved each other. love me too.


thank u lofter user Dead for being my 100th fan

yeah youre welcome whatever

9 fans till 100 :x

and 100 posts :C

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